Nipun Batra

Assistant Professor
Computer Science
IIT Gandhinagar
Office: Academic Block 6, Room 407D, IIT GN

About me

I'm an Assistant Professor in CS department at IIT Gandhinagar. Prior to that I was a postdoctoral researcher at University of Virginia working with Kamin Whitehouse and Hongning Wang. I completed my PhD. from IIIT Delhi. I broadly work on machine learning/AI/sensors/IoT for computational sustainability problems. My research statement and Google scholar profile would give you a flavour of my work.

Working with me

I am looking to work with motivated students! Care about ML/AI/sensors/Python/open source? Want to contribute your bit for a sustainable environment (reducing energy, pollution, etc.)? Drop me an email or drop by my office if you want to discuss more.


  • Aug 2018: Took a research methods for CS bootcamp at IITGN. Slides,Youtube
  • July 2018: Received a Titan XP GPU from NVidia via their grant program. Thanks, NVidia!
  • July 2018: Teaching operating systems in the current semester at IITGN
  • July 2018: Joined CSE at IITGN as an Assistant Professor
  • June 2018: Completed my postdoc at UVa. Been great working with Kamin, Hongning, and Yiling!
  • Feb 2018: I'm presenting our work at AAAI in New Orleans
  • Nov 2017: I'm presenting our work on scalable energy breakdown at NSF CPS meeting